GOLF CLUB - Cordillera Ranch


Ever dream of having one of Texas’ premier golf courses in your backyard? Few courses in the Texas Hill Country carry the signature of one of golf’s true masters, Jack Nicklaus—a legend both in the game and golf course design. Just as Jack once raised golf to a higher level, Nicklaus Design has elevated the standards of golf course design. Early on, Mr. Nicklaus and the development team made a commitment to design a truly unique course—one that has become a classic among premier courses. Jack’s achievements are legendary. The name Nicklaus transcends his dominance as a player and extends far beyond Jack alone. We are proud to say that at Cordillera Ranch, Mr. Nicklaus and his team have created a true classic among premier courses. Meandering through hills and valleys dotted with native plants and natural water features, the course is as breathtaking as it is challenging, and its right here in your own backyard.



Nicklaus’ name has long been associated with greatness on a golf course. Today, it also stands for superior golf course design, a result of Jack’s nearly five decades as a renowned golf course designer and his sons’ and son-in-law’s solid reputations as designers themselves. Together, they represent Nicklaus Design, a team of the world’s most accomplished golf course design associates, industry consultants, agronomists and experts in golf course construction and marketing. Consistently ranked as the "Best Course in Texas" by the Dallas Morning News and always rated as a top golf course in the Hill Country, you will find this to be an incredible experience that tests your skills and thrills your senses. Hundreds of courses worldwide, Nicklaus Designs are each unique, yet share Nicklaus’ philosophy of working closely with clients, enhancing the natural environment, and creating courses both challenging and enjoyable for players of all levels.


For any questions please contact, Corey Roberson, Director of Golf at 830-336-GOLF(4653) or email at

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