MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS - Cordillera Ranch

Cordillera Ranch is made up of a diverse and established blend of residents and country club members alike. A mix of native Texans and others who got here as soon as they could, Cordillera Ranch definitely is a place where everyone feels welcome and at home.

Cordillera Ranch residents are never shy when it comes to telling non-residents exactly why it is that they love living out here on the Ranch. Below are some residents who have shared their experiences and reasons for not only making, but keeping Cordillera Ranch as their home.

There is nothing better than a happy customer. At Cordillera Ranch we thrive on it. We are constantly hearing great feedback from happy residents and members and it’s something in which we take great pride. There are many unique attributes that make this place so special, and none is more important than the people that make it a true community. What’s more is the level of support they provide for one another and Cordillera Ranch itself. Whether it’s the active community social groups such as book club, bible study, camping club, wine club, dinner club, nature club or the many other social clubs, there is no doubt that Cordillera Ranch is full of opportunities to explore.

There is even an organization within Cordillera Ranch that is solely committed to taking care of other residents who are sick or just need a little help because of a difficult circumstance. It’s a giving and caring community.

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what residents and members are saying:

Dr. David Jimenez, Resident and Club Member

"It’s a great house for entertaining, the kids love it, the kids feel safe, we love the activities at the club, and we just love all that Cordillera Ranch has to offer. I LOVE Cordillera Ranch.”

James and Connie Sherwood, Residents and Club Members

"The guys that work at the Outfitter Center are great… What they do is you call, make an appointment, meet them at the boathouse and they’ll put the kayaks in the river for you, bring bottled waters, lunch if you like. It’s all ready for you, they have ice chests and life jackets. There are 4 to 5 miles Guadalupe River and the water is just clean and pure.”

Dean and Nawanda Fuller, Residents and Club Members

"As soon as I drove over the hill at Cordillera Ranch I just said, ‘Holy Moly! We have just loved being at Cordillera Ranch so much. We love the people... we just love the people here so much. We’re in the Bible Studies here and really enjoy that. The people are the key. They make Cordillera Ranch so much more than a development.”

Coleen Grissom, Resident and Club Member

"I’ve never regretted moving to Cordillera Ranch one moment in my life. It is exceedingly professionally well-managed because there are so many individuals that endeavor to create a great sense of community. Mostly I love it because of the serenity of the area. It’s the sounds of silence. I hear only my fountains bumbling, the dogs barking and the sounds of nature."

– Rodney Rice, Resident and Club Member

"The concept of Cordillera Ranch as a lifestyle is very fitting. All the great trails and sporting activities just make life so much fun here. We feel really blessed to live where we do and have no intention of leaving anytime soon. There’s just something special about the Texas Hill Country.”

Keitha Schofield, Resident and Club Member

"The people out here are fascinating, and it’s one of the more enjoyable aspects of being here. The people tend to define their lives by who they are now, and not by their careers. And that is just beautiful.”

Jimmy Walker, Six-Time PGA Tour Winner, 2016 PGA Champion, Resident and Club Member

" The golf course tee to green turned out awesome. You can’t find a better putting surface anywhere in south Texas. To be able to grow bentgrass greens down here and keep them at the level Cordillera does is pretty amazing. We’ve been to the most premier golf courses in the country, and we just marvel at what an amazing facility that Cordillera Ranch is.  There’s nothing like it in the country.  You have members that have done amazing things and it’s just not pretentious here.  No matter where we travel, we are so excited to get home.”

Jack and Ronni Kelly, Resident and Club Member

"We chose Cordillera Ranch for many reasons including the great weather, no state income taxes, state of the art and sophisticated medical facilities nearby, financial stability of the community, professional and competent management, and an engaging club membership director that facilitates introductions to other members and neighbors.  Furthermore, with our love of southern Tuscany, this area reminded us of some of the small towns there with the rolling hillsides speckled by the warm glow of sparse nighttime lights.  With the array of amenities offered here it was a perfect fit for us to build our Tuscan-inspired home that can be a destination for families including our children, future grandchildren, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews.”

Dick Schlosberg, Di Lusso Villa Owner and Club Member

"Cordillera Ranch has it all; a well-maintained golf course, an attentive staff, a multitude of amenities and strong leadership. We’re looking forward to a very gratifying new lifestyle.”
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